Our Vision & Values

Here at Sweet Cheeks Honey, we have a simple mission connecting our consumers to the farm.

We love having conversations with our customers about food, the farm, kiddos, concerns about farming, questions about how we are doing things, our two bossy mares, or how our dog ate our first five eggs we got from our chickens. We value communication.

We believe in creating a community around good food. When did labeling become so complicated and when did labels replace a conversation with the farmer? Let’s talk recipes. Let’s talk basics. Let’s talk good food. We value our community and customers.

We know there are things farmers do really well. We know there is always room for improvement. This is why we are constantly reading, going to classes, taking college courses, and learning everything we can to ensure we are doing the right thing for our farm, our land, our animals, and our family. We value education and opportunities to learn.

We envision a farm where you can bring your family for a tour. Where you can watch honey extraction. You can pick up a dozen of farm fresh eggs. Ask questions about beef cattle. A farm where you can learn a little more about the faces behind what is on your plate. It may take a few years for us to get there, after all renovating a 1919 farm house isn’t easy with full-time jobs, but if we can dream, we hope you will dream with us and make that vision a reality.

We’ve been doing this for generations, farming land that has now been in Sara’s family for over 100 years. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, and are so grateful for the journey.