Adopt a Hive


Adopt  a Honeybee Hive. Become a Pollinator Superhero! 

Do you want to help pollinators in Minnesota? Do you want to help create and save habitat for pollinators? How about taste a jar of local honey?

You can by adopting a hive as part of our  Hive Adoption program!



In 2018, you can adopt a hive for only $150

  • Cost is for a 1 year adoption.
  • You receive a picture of your hive and information about the type of bees in the hives, as well as some fun facts about the hive you are adopting.
  • You will receive a 1lb jar of honey during our fall honey harvest.
  • You will also receive an invitation to visit our honey house (when it is up and running) to watch extraction.
  • Want to increase your adoption for a 2 year rate of $275?  You can choose what color we paint your hive, and receive a nameplate on the hive with an engraved message of you choice. This is a really awesome gift opportunity for anniversaries, birthdays, etc.! You will receive a 1 lb jar of honey each year, a picture of your hive, and a recipe featuring honey as an ingredient. You will also have an opportunity to visit us during extraction to view the process.

Please contact us at or by phone at 507-330-2942 or 507-381-4983 for additional details.




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